Chocolate Sauce

As we had guests for dinner I had planned having some nice ice-cream for dinner. I made a deal with my elder kiddo to fetch it at around 8 pm just before our local grocer closed down. She could not get her favourite flavour – chocolate so she brought vanilla.

I was fuming at the thought of having to serve plain vanilla ice-cream with the rest of my beautifully planned dinner, when my Knight in Shining Armour, G suggested that I make the chocolate sauce.

Immediately I started hunting for my long lost recipe (making a mess of the decked up living which had to be hurried put in order, my order of course) and did my kids love it. The little that was leftover and put in the fridge was over before I woke up next day. Even now if I am home both ask me make the sauce for drinking (if what they do can be called drinking.)

To make chocolate sauce you will need

2 cups milk

4tblspns sugar

3 tblspn cocoa

1 ½ tblspn corn flour

Mix all the ingredients and cook on slow flame stirring continuously till the sauce becomes thick and is glossy.


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