Synthetic Sharbat

There are times when I get irritated as all the cold drinks in the house are finished and nothing is left when we have unexpected guests. So I have decided I am going to make this squash this summer (after exams of course) which will be Apr 16th this year as Eldest is answering her 10 Std.

1 kg Sugar

400 grams water

6 grams citric acid


¼ tsp Essence

  1. Mix sugar and water bring to boil.
  2. Add citric acid and boil. Keep testing the boiling mixture till a drop between you thumb and finger stretches to form a single strand.( 1 tari pak)
  3. Cool add colour and essence of your choice.

Go easy on the colour, use a few drops mix well and add more if required.

Colour and essences in general

Yellow— pineapple, mango, lemon

Orange – orange,

Red – strawberry, raspberry

Apple green—khus

Serve mixed with cold water, ice use salt if required.

I had made a batch for Holi today. I had used mango essence and yellow colour. For ¼ of the concentrate made above we got 1 ½ litres of sharbat.


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