Hakka Noodles

For a packet of noodles (180 grams) boiled and drained as per the instructions add 1-2 tsp. Oil and toss the noodles till well mixed. (This prevents the noodles from sticking).

Since my hubby insists that I use a lot of vegetables the quantity of vegetables I use is more than the normal usages please adjust them as per your requirements.

2 small or 1 big carrots, peeled and made into longish baton about ½ inch long
10 french beans cut to match the carrots
1 capsicum (I use green ones but you could also use the red and yellow ones) again cut like the carrots
½ cup cabbage cut fine but lengthwise (use the Anjali grater)
½ cup green peas (I used frozen so I did not boil them)
3-4 onions chopped lengthwise
Shoots of one spring onion (You can use the onions for decorations or chop them up and fry them with rest of the onions)
2 maggi cubes (veg) crumbled
1 tblsps soya sauce (dark)
1 tsp chilli sauce
1tsp tomato sauce
2-3 tblsps oil

1. Heat oil the onions add a pinch of the maggi cube any fry till the onions become translucent.
2. Add the carrots again a pinch of maggi cube and fry till the carrot change colour.
3. Repeat with the French beans, peas.
4. Add the sauces and the capsicum, cabbage, noodles adjust the salt.
5. Remove from the flame mix in the spring onion shoots and serve.


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