Stuffed Capsicum in gravy

Since I felt like experimenting with capsicum, tried this recepie. To my surprise it turned out very good and my husband liked it a lot. So here it goes:

Ingredients for the stuffing:
2 boiled Potatoes
1/2 spoon garam masala
1/4 spoon jeera power
1/4 spoon turneric powder
1/2 spoon chilli powder (adjust as per taste)
salt to taste
1/4 spoon oil
Indredinets for the gravy
4 capsicums (small sized)
1 finely chopped onion
1 1/2 finely chopped tomato
1/4 spoon jeera
1 spoon oil
1/4 spoon haldi powder
1 spoon kitchen king masala (or garam masala)
1/2 spoon chilli powder (adjust as per taste)
1/2 spoon dhayina powder
some freshly chopped corriander
salt to taste
1. Boil 2 potatoes and keep them aside to cool
2. Then peel them and grate them. To the grated potatoes, add chilli powder, turmeric powder,jeera powder, garam masala, salt and oil. Mix well to make a dough like thing. Keep aside. Stuffing is ready
3. Boil 4 capsicums in a pot of water for 10-12 minutes. When capsicums, start to change color and become a little soft, you may remove the pot from the gas. Let the capsicum look for 10 minutes.
4. Cut the top hood of the capsicum and scoop off the existing stuff from the inside of the capsicum. Drain out the water that would have seeped in while boiling.
5. Fill the potato stuffing in the capsicum and keep aside.
6. In a pan add oil. When hot, add jeera. Then add the onions. Fry till they become golden. Add Cut tomatoes. When oil starts to separate, add kitchen king masala, turmeric, chill powder, dhaniya powder and salt.
7. Add 11/2 cup pf water and let the gravy cook for 5-7 minutes
8. Add the stuffed capsicum to the gravy and cover with a lid. Let it cook in the gravy for 5-7 minutes.
9. Decorate with fresh coriander leaves.
This tastes great with parathas or jerra rice.


One thought on “Stuffed Capsicum in gravy

  1. Archana March 1, 2010 at 5:06 am Reply

    I started with your recipe Pooja, but made a different gravy of onion, garlic, red chilles and tamarind pulp which i had made separately. I dotted the capsicum with the gravy( as it was very pungent) and grilled it for about 15 minutes. Sorry.Will follow your recipe next time.

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