Grape Jam

I made Strawberry Jam and posted the recipe. I also mentioned that I made “Grape Jam”. Grape Jam I made was out of black grapes and got a lovely purple colour.
Here is the recipe.
1 kg Black grapes (seedless)
A little less than ½ a teacup sugar.
1.  Remove all the stalks and soak the grapes in salted water of about 1-2 hours. Change the water once in between. (This is to get rid of all the pesticides).
2.  Transfer al l the grapes to a container and pressure cook, 1 whistle.
3.  Cool the grapes and strain them. Reserve the water.
4.  Grind the grapes to a fine paste in the mixer and transfer to a thick bottomed pan. Add the reserved water and the sugar.
5.  Stir and cook on medium flame. Till the mixture thickens a bit.
6.   Lower the flame and now stir continuously till the mixture clumps together. You could perform the plate test here.
7.  Transfer to dry bottles. Take care to keep the bottles on wooden surface while transferring the jam and let it cool on the wooden surface only.

One thought on “Grape Jam

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