Today is Narak Chaturdashi, the day the demon Narkasur is killed by Lord Krishna.  
Here in Goa we have effigies of Narkasur almost everywhere. This is something I have not seen in Maharashtra or Karnataka so I feel it is uniquely Goan culture.
The process of building… nay making of Narkasur is very fascinating. 
First you start off with some hay and sacks wrapped on   scrap iron skeleton.  Next   papier-mache the skin and spray paint him.    Early in the evening you see Narkasur flaunting his body and jewellery sans the head which is fixed later at dusk.  Some music and lights and the show is on.

A chariot readied waiting for its Krishna 

There are Narkasur competitions and after food people make it a point visit as many as possible, as     unfortunately these Narkasur are burnt at dawn signifying the victory of GOOD OVER EVIL!!

Happy Diwali

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