Mutta Biryani or Egg Biryani Malabar Style

Mutta 2

Have a party and you cannot decide what to make as a rice dish? Or you want an elaborate rice dish? Or you want just a one pot meal try this Biryani, Egg Biryani. And let the party begin!

Again this is one of those dishes that I have copied in my post blogging times and it’s awesome. Unfortunately I do not remember the source. It’s a delicious Biryani that is well worth all the effort that you put in.

Being vegetarians at home I have made this once or twice with eggs but the rest of the times I have made it with mixed vegetables (will write about that later)! And the Biryani is awesome, finger licking delicious!

Don’t go by my word about it try it.

O one more reminder in case you know the lady who had first written this please let me know I will update my source.

This is my Blogging Marathon entry for the month long Marathon under the theme” Occasional”!


 Mutta/Egg Biryani– Malabar style (serves 4 adults)

Step 1:

Let’s make make Biryani Masala/ dry spice mix.

I have already update this delicious masala here do check it out.

Step 2:

Cook flavored and spiced up rice


  • 4 green chilies
  • 4 medium garlic cloves
  • 1” piece ginger, thinly sliced
  • 1 big onion & I medium onion
  • 3 tbsp ghee
  • 4 pods of cardamom
  • 4 cloves
  • 1 ½ “cinnamon stick broken into 4 pieces
  • 2 ½ cups Basmati rice (around ½ kg)
  • Water (approx twice the rice by volume)
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash and drain rice on a clean kitchen towel.
  • Grind green chilies, medium onion, garlic and ginger to paste and keep aside.
  •  Check on the rice when the rice is medium dry, heat the ghee in a heavy bottomed cooking vessel (generally I use the cooker base without the lid) throw in cardamom, cloves and the cinnamon.
  • Now add thinly sliced onion and sauté till it is transparent then add the ground paste, stir well till it gives out an aroma. Add rice and stir continuously for 2-3 minutes in low heat.
  • Add the water to the pan you can use double the quantity of rice but since I am not too comfortable with this method I add the water after resting my finger tips on the rice. The level of water should not be more than your first line of your knuckles. Or you can follow this method(I have not tried it) Boil water in a heavy bottom cooking vessel and when it comes to boil add all the ingredients and bring it to a boil again and then reduce the flame and cook covered in low-medium heat until rice is fully done and water is absorbed. Either way check the salt before you leave the rice to cook.
  • Using a fork gently fluff/ separate the rice so as to not get sticky.

As for the vessel in which you have cooked the rice keep it covered. I know its empty but keep it covered. We can use it to for the layering and final cooking.

Step 3:

Let’s make the Omelet and Egg Masala

Ingredients for the Omelet:

  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tbsp grated coconut
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
  • 1 big onion chopped
  • ¼ tsp red chili powder
  • 2 green chilies finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • 2-3 tsp oil


  • Beat the eggs and add all the other ingredients and mix well.
  • Heat half of the oil in a pan pour half of the egg mixture and make a thin omelet.
  • Repeat the process with a rest of the egg mixture.
  • When done remove them to a chopping board and cut them small bite size pieces and keep aside.

Ingredients for the Egg Masala:

  • 1 ½ cup big onions chopped
  • 4 green chillies
  • 6 big garlic cloves (approx. 1 small pod)
  • 3” piece of ginger thinly sliced
  • ½ cup tomatoes chopped
  • 1 ½- 2 tbsp squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 ¼ tsp Biryani Masala
  • 1/3 cup fresh coriander leaves chopped
  • ¼ cup fresh mint leaves chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • 2-3 tbsp oil


  • Grind green chilies, garlic and ginger to paste and keep aside. (I add onion say ½ the onion as my mixer blades cannot grind this much quantity).
  • Heat oil in pan and cook thinly sliced onion till they turn transparent.
  • Now add the ground paste and sauté till it gives out a nice aroma.
  •  Add chopped tomatoes and fry for a few minutes. Now add the Biryani Masala and mix well.
  • Add bite size pieces of omelet n blend well followed by coriander and mint leaves. Sprinkle lemon juice and mix well.
  • Check the seasonings.  Remove the pan from the heat.
Step 4:

The final step layering and final cooking

  • 4 tbsp ghee
  • 2 pinches of Biryani Masala
  • ¼ cup of milk soaked with keasar or saffron(optional)


  • Pour 2 tbsp ghee into your cooking vessel and spread half of the rice at the bottom.
  • Spread the egg Masala and sprinkle 2 pinches of Biryani Masala.
  •  Spread rest of the rice as the top layer and drop 2 tbsp ghee.
  • Top the rice with milk and keasar mixture if using.
  • Cover the cooker with the cooker lid (the gasket on) remove the weight or whistle.
  • On low flame let the Biryani cook till a little steam comes out of the vent of the cooker. Switch off the gas.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes before you serve with onion raita.


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12 thoughts on “Mutta Biryani or Egg Biryani Malabar Style

  1. Runnergirlinthekitchen April 6, 2013 at 12:20 pm Reply

    This is a very elaborate recipe, am sure it turned out great, love the look of it!

  2. Srivalli April 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm Reply

    Must have been very flavoursome..

  3. Priya April 6, 2013 at 4:43 pm Reply

    Very flavourful one pot meal,that too Malabar style,who can resist to it.

  4. suji April 6, 2013 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Interesting such a long journey……….

  5. nalini April 7, 2013 at 1:41 am Reply

    must be a flavorful one,looks yummy..

  6. Sandhya Ramakishnan April 7, 2013 at 8:48 am Reply

    The flavors are wonderful!

  7. pumpkinfarmfood April 7, 2013 at 8:21 pm Reply

    invite me for dinner or lunch and make this please, looks so nice

  8. Pavani April 8, 2013 at 7:07 am Reply

    Egg biryani is one of my favorite dishes. Your version with omelet sounds absolutely delicious. Will try very soon

  9. pinksocks April 9, 2013 at 4:46 pm Reply

    Fantastic one pot meal. Love the colors.

  10. Manju April 11, 2013 at 1:48 am Reply

    Love this recipe especially the omelet one.

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