Announcing Event Healthy Salads!!

Summers are synonymous with mangoes, holidays and salads!!

So what are salads?

According to Wikipedia,” Salad is a non-runny, ready-to-eat dish made of heterogeneous ingredients in a wet or once wet base served chilled or at a moderate temperature. Many people use the word “salad” to describe light, savoury leafy vegetable dishes often served with a sauce or dressing but the category usually additionally includes dishes made of such ingredients as fruits, grains, meats, seafood, and sweets. It has been pointed out that is difficult to define what is meant by the term “salad” – many salads use raw vegetable, but some salads use cooked ingredients, and most salads use vegetables, but such things as fruit (which use fruit rather than vegetables also exist.

Most salads are served cold, although some, such as south German potato salad, are served warm. Leafy vegetable salads are generally served with a dressing, as well as various garnishes such as nuts or croutons, and sometimes with meat, fish, pasta, cheese, eggs, or whole grains.

Salads may be served at any point during a meal, such as:

Appetizer salads, light salads to stimulate the appetite as the first course of the meal.

Side salads, to accompany the main course as a side dish.

Main course salads, usually containing a portion of heartier fare, such as chicken breast, slices of beef.

Palate-cleansing salads, to settle the stomach after the main course.

Dessert salads, sweet versions often containing fruit, gelatine and/or whipped cream.”

With all this write up I am sure you have guessed right I am guest hosting Priya’s Healthy Salads!!

The rules are simple:

  •  The event ends on 11th June’2013.
  •  Multiple recipes are permitted.
  •  Recipes submitted to other events are also permitted.
  •  Recipes from archives can be accepted ONLY if updated as current posts.
  •  Only Eggs and Veggie recipes please.
  •  Please use the logo below it helps to spread the word.
  •  Recipes from non bloggers are accepted. Please send me the recipe and the picture
  •  Link to this announcement as well as to Priya’s page a must.
  •  Bloggers may add their links to the linky below. Bloggers in case your right click function is disabled please send me your pictures resized to 250 by 250 pixels.

Image Courtesy Freeppt

Hi! First time here? Well then you are Most Welcome! I hope you keep coming back for more here. If you are my regular visitor then Thanks, for you encourage me to experiment more!! I would like you to please click on my link below and like my Face Book page. I will be happy if you can follow me on Twitter too!



13 thoughts on “Announcing Event Healthy Salads!!

  1. Pooja Agrawal May 14, 2013 at 7:02 am Reply

    Hi, I am new blogger, can you please tell me how to link the announcement to Priya’s Place?

  2. Priya May 19, 2013 at 3:19 pm Reply

    Archana, sorry dear,just noticed that you have mentioned that this event ends on 31st may, nope its ends on 11th June, please do correct it, as the event starts from 11th and on 11th of the next month. Hope its k with you..

    • themadscientistskitchen May 19, 2013 at 3:35 pm Reply

      Thats great Priya for I have a miserly few to show and was wondering how to get more. Thanks corrected the announcement

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  4. Asiya Omar May 25, 2013 at 1:43 pm Reply

    Just Linked My entry, Healthy Event.Happy Hosting..

  5. aara May 29, 2013 at 9:16 pm Reply

    since my right click is disabled im trying to send u pics after linking up here but seems gmail isnt recognizing ur mail id u have provided, pls recheck and let me know.

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