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Khatkhate~An Exotic Goan Vegetable Stew

One of the famous dishes in Goa, vegetarian dishes in Goa is Khatkhate.


It’s fusion of vegetables that are cooked and served in the typical masala in Goa.  Khatkhate is a typical Saraswat Bharamin Community preparation served at pujas, weddings etc.

The preparation involves using veggies like radish, turnip, pumpkin, sweet potato, potatoes, corn; drumsticks in coconut gravy (use what you can lay your hands on).  Soy as coconut is called and mind you Goans when they say “Soy” they mean freshly grated coconut. The ingredient that you need to get used to is triphal or tephal or Sichuan pepper which has a unique taste and lends an aroma and taste that you need to get used too.

You either love Khatkhate or hate it.

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Steamed Corn


I am happy to make chaat since all of us love chaats FIL included.

When early in the morning I have to pack the kids tiffin she will be happy if I give her some chaat item. But then that is her breakfast and I want something reasonably healthy in her.

Now the kid will agree to one thing in the evening then want something diametrically different in the morning. The solution was to get her make a chart and day in and out we stuck to it. I was bored so can you imagine her state. J

So when I offered her Steamed Corn was she delighted?  Her smile was enough to light the whole state of Goa!! J Okay I am exaggerating! But you get the general idea.

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Pressure Cooked Boiled Vegetables~Sinfully Rich


For the blogging marathon # 35 when Valli announced pressure cooking my first choice had been a pulao.

I make pulaos, but never in the cooker somehow, I am never satisfied unless I keep peeping in the pan masking sure that the water is enough the rice is not sticky…. In general interfering with its peaceful cooking process!!

I made a pulao, in the pressure cooker, it was beautifully done, each grain was separate but it was exact copy of this pulao here so I did not want to post it.

So I was wondering what to make. Something easy and fast and good to eat!

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Savory Canapes


I had brought some Canapés   for the kid’s birthday and had made a chocolate filling for them. Now I wanted to try out what is made and served at any Catholic wedding.

 Canapés   are generally served is weddings, by wedding I mean Catholic wedding.  In a Catholic wedding there are nuptials and a reception. Nuptials are where the bride and the groom exchange rings in the Church and later there is a reception.

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Alande or Cow Peas

As a part of Blogging Marathon I have chosen Kid Friendly Snacks, snacks that can be ready under 30 minutes. This is my entry for  BM#14, Group 2, Day 1.

We have store brought snacks in the evening as I am too tired and frankly it never did occur to me that some planning and precooking in the morning can get me delicious and healthy snacks.

Basically I want to try out something that my elder daughter (who hates cooking but   cooks beautifully when needed, read when I am not well) can make in a jiffy when she comes with her friends.

One of the simplest things is boiling stuff like corn, peas etc. but in Goa we get what is locally called Alsande.

This is the fag end of the season the Alsande are grown and dried to get, well the seeds, the seeds are brought in bulk sundried again and stored at homes. These are then used to make delicious Tonak, a delicacy. In any function Alsande Tonak is a must, well things are changing a lot now we have other newer dishes gracing the occasion but still this is generally expected. I have tried making Usal out of it in the past.

O I seem to be off the track… To continue the Alsande pods appear like this and are sold at Rs. 20/- a bundle. Bring them home, wash and pressure cook them in salted water for 2 whistles. Let the pressure come down, peel the pods like you would peel peas.

Eat the delicious Alsande as they are or squeeze lime and sprinkle chili powder on them (we never seem to get down to doing that they disappear).

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