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Oats n Tilwale Aloo


When I was blogging with alphabets I had pored and pored over all the scraps of papers that I have collected in the last 25 years of my married life.

This is the time I discovered that some of the books that I have are unopened and unread.  I know it’s a criminal waste but then I had made up my mind that I will be using them all.

The idea was catch hold of one book and make all the makeable (is that a word?) recipes.

So what better than Cooking from Cookbook Challenge

So I started with Cooking and more of Tarla Dalal.  From this edition I have made Subzi and  daal already but today’s target was Tilwale Aloo.

Wondering how my til got so big? For the person who does not know what til is its Sesame seeds.

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Corn Upit

As a child I have stayed in rented places always. Pappa used be transferred after every 3 years and we used to shift bases. I love that life too. It was new friends, new beginnings and a new house.

One such house I remember when I was small we had a lot of garden place we had marigold (my rapt students who used see the end of my stick if they did not pay attention to teacher J ) and we had corn planted, there were groundnuts too but then some creature ate them up at night. Must have been rats.

Anyway we had had a bumper crop of corn and Amma had made Corn Upit. I do not remember how that tasted but I remember Amma and the maid sitting and grating corn.

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X for Xec Xec with Mushrooms

 xecIn my mind X was Xauti or X’mas Cake full stop.

But when I was discussing with my girls what I should be making for the alphabet themed BM there was only one voice that said Xec Xec!!

The only Xec Xec I know of is crab Xec Xec so the first thing that was to think of was the substitute for crabs.

Then the replacement for crabs should be something that will not clash with the different masalas that go in Xec Xec, a delicious Goan preparation. I was skeptical. How will I be able to recreate the magic of Xec Xec?

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V for Varya chi Khichidi

varrya 2

For Ashadi Ekadashi, (For those who do not know on Ekdashi there is a fast observed.  Ekadashi comes every month so this is maintained every month. Ashadi Ekadashi comes in the Hindu month of Ashad and is considered very auspicious and a lot of people fast. Interested check here.) my father was home.

He had had his surgery and my father in law was in the hospital.  I was to cook something both could eat, something light.

Though at my in-laws place we are not religious in fact we do not have any rituals or compulsions for any festival or days or any day for that matter my father follows all of them. He wanted to do his fast… I know but doing Grrrrrr! was not helping me, he would have not eaten at all.

So I told him I will make Navnaki, that’s what it is called in Kannada & in Marathi it is Varya chi Khichidi for his lunch. Its also called Bhagar in Marathi. 

Before he could raise any objections about the use of moong dal I reminded him that Amma made moong dal payas so moong dal is acceptable. That put paid to any argument and we had this delicious khichidi! 

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I for Insalata Caprese Indianised


We eat with our senses its true!  A picture forced me to try out this new dish!!

Something I was totally unaware of?

Well that is what happened was that I was at a dilemma as to what is it that I wanted  to make with the alphabet I’!

 I needed an International dish which I wanted to Indianise (if that is a word)! So armed with my cookbooks, paper scraps and pens and papers started my hunt for the ideal recipe. Then I saw this picture it fitted the bill to a T! Only I was hesitant and kept postponing making it!

But then like I said the picture was so beautiful that I kept returning to the how to make it.

What I am talking about is a salad and it’s called Insalata Caprese.

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H for Hummus

hummus 2

H for Hummus!!!

In this edition of Blogging Marathon we are redoing alphabets.

Hmmm what?

Haha!! Got your attention the BM this month is Blogging with alphabets we are doing international, traditional, street foods and baking with alphabets’.  Thankfully Valli has left it the team members to choose the theme for the alphabets and I am in my scatterbrain style jumping from one theme to another.

Here is what I have been featured here till now

A Aliva che ladoo

B Baked potato

C Chana cho ras

D Drunkard’s Noodles

E Eggless Pancakes

F Fried Eggs

G Gnocchi

So today for H as we have already guessed its Hummus.

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Paneer Kofta

malai koftaI know I am contradicting what I said yesterday no frying but then I love koftas and I was dying to make these koftas. What better chance than now, when I want to do Punjabi cuisine for BM.

This once no one complained that I was frying and that too frying paneer. Because basically they did not know what went in the making of this koftas. I fried and hid the koftas well from the inquisitive hands that always finds stuff she is not supposed to find. J By the time the fried paneer cat came out of the bag the kofta were all over. J  of course hubby was worried I will start coughing etc ( he tried to keep the fact hidden but then when he keeps on checking on you every time you cough or sneeze then you know) so I felt sorry for what I did.

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