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Spicy Corn and Cabbage Rava Idlis


My friend is a Tupperware distributor. Every month she regularly gives me the flyer she receives from them. My interest is not is on sale but what recipes are given there. J

I have copied quite a few of the recipes but this was for the first time tried one out.

Today I decided to try Rava Idlis. Well I do try them out regularly you may expect me to be an expert in making them but in actual fact we, the Rava idli and I do not agree.  The Rava Idlis do not agree that and I am the boss and I expect them to turn out in a particular fashion.

Either the idlis are soggy or they are flat pancakes. So when these came out so beautiful I was thrilled. 

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Jam Swirled Muffins

IMG_3576 When Gayatri for the Eggless baking groupsent the mail saying we are making Jam Swirled Muffins that was to be adapted from Technicolour Kitchen my reaction was, ” Good God! How sweet will it be?”

My family was my sure I have lost it, totally. All of them started finding excuses for me not to bake.

Inspite of this amazing enthusiasm I decided to bake the cake and carry it for my friends at work.

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Spicy Paneer and Baby Corn


The filling one word that I kept thinking about when we baked the Pataqueta for Baking Partners. Then there were some discussions on the Baking Partners group. Then my friend Mireille, no sorry Chef Mireille is hosting an event on chillies.

Hot ones not the wimpy peppers…

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Litti Chokha for SNC


The top left Litti are Tandoor roasted. They were only 4 that I tried out!

For the NSC this month Nupur our host has set the South group the challenge of making Litti Chokha.

So with all the necessary ingredients ready I was set to make Litti Chokha. Then Akanksha, my younger one came to see what I was upto, for lunch was on the table but I was still in the kitchen. That is very strange for I am always trying to escape the kitchen especially on a Sunday.

The regular question bank that she is her questions began with the expected whats  are you doing, what is Litti Chokha? What is this? What are you doing with the potatoes etc?

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Chunda- A Tribute to Tarla Dalalji

Logo courtesy Preeti

Logo courtesy Preeti

The first I heard that Mrs. Tarla Dalal was no more I could not accept it. She is a personality who I considered immortal. But when the messages in the Blogging Marathon group kept pouring i had to believe it.

A lady, who when it was unheard of churned out books, TV shows and brought cooking from boring to “hey wow that is fantastic ” almost single handedly! A daunting task that she accomplished with panache that was unmatchable!!

So as a tribute we at the Blogging Marathon are posting today as a group.

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KhaliatNahal (Honeycomb Buns or Bee’s Hive Buns)

This moth for WE KNEAD TO BAKE  Aparna set us a relatively easy bake KhaliatNahal (Honeycomb Buns or Bee’s Hive Buns).

full khal

The  bread that can be made sweet or savoury. It is typical of Middle Eastern confectionery  that it is filled and then covered with sugar syrup/ glaze which is typical of Middle Eastern confectionery.

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Apple Cider Balsamic Reduction

As I was hunting for a recipe that fit in a specific category for the Blogging Marathon  I came across this word Balsamic Reduction!  I was curious.. Cannot get the over the word reduction I suppose!

Needless to say I surfed the web and found this site .

Most of what I have said in this post is what expert Anne has already said but I will like to keep record of what I did so here goes.

A balsamic vinegar reduction is where you boil down balsamic vinegar till you get syrup that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

The best way to start is by using good quality balsamic vinegar. But in case you are substituting then use 1 tablespoon cider or red wine vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon sugar to substitute for 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar. I used apple cider vinegar and ¼ tsp sugar.

Use a small stainless steel saucepan pour about double the amount of vinegar that is needed. A balsamic reduction is very concentrated in flavor and not a lot is needed per serving. Heat the pan over medium high heat and bring the vinegar to a slow boil until just the edges of the of the pan is boiling. If there are large bubbles all over the vinegar reduce the heat until the bubbles are smaller. I had to do the boiling over low heat.

Let the vinegar boil for about 15 minutes. After that dip a spoon into the mixture and try pouring in the pan, what you are watching is how thick the vinegar is on the spoon. It should reach a honey-like consistency if it is not continue heating the vinegar. Only watch the balsamic reduction carefully as, the more it reduces in the pan, the more likely it is to burn. Also keep in mind that as it cools, it will thicken a bit.

Once the balsamic reduction reaches the consistency of honey, set it aside to cool. The cool the balsamic reduction can be used immediately or stored in an airtight container for up to two weeks.
If the balsamic vinegar reduction seems too thick warm it up a little. It can also be thinned with a little water if needed.

This balsamic reduction can be used to flavor fresh strawberries for strawberry shortcake and also as a garnish to swirl over the top of the shortcakes themselves.

Ripe tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction alternated between thick slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with hand-torn fresh basil gives you the yum Insalata Caprese.

Apparently the balsamic reduction pairs nicely with a mesclun green salad with goat cheese and toasted pistachios. It can be used as a simple salad dressing in with good quality olive oil and some salt and freshly ground black pepper.

That’s not all you can also drizzle it on grilled steak, salmon or chicken.

Its versatile is it not?
What did I make? Well you will have to wait and watch right?


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