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Majige/ Tak / Chaach/Buttermilk

Chaach anyone?

Chaach anyone?

Summer is bad this time. My girls are complaining about the heat and Apeksha the elder one is getting ulcers in her mouth Thanks to the erratic schedule.

The one thing that she is willing to drink is “Majige” or “Tak”, “Chaach” also known as buttermilk anytime of the day. So I am making a jug full of this delicious drink.

Making buttermilk is no great rocket science!

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Pumpkin Juice for the Harry Potter fans!

Pumpkin Juice

My daughters are Harry Potter fans. When the younger kid, Akanksha turned 11 we threw her a HP party. You can check it out more here.

For the non-Hp fans, Pumpkin Juice is one of the drinks that Harry and his fellow witches and wizards drink like you I drink orange juice; the other is butter beer or tea. They even have a course where they try reading tea leaves!! 🙂

Coming back to the party…  one of our drinks was Pumpkin juice (the other was butter beer)!

Not long before I had hosted a Kids Delight Theme on Storybook Special and had been wondering how I am going to make this brew! But Apeksha, my elder daughter and my encyclopedia on HP searched for the recipes and bookmarked them all! One of the sites she had used was Wiki How To and my Pumpkin Juice is from here today!

Is it not apt to start the month long Blogging marathon with a welcome drink?  So sip along as you cruise with me and my friends for this month with exciting recipes for all on different themes. This week you will see us sharing recipes under the “Theme Occasions” and like most moms my recipes are birthday party dishes.

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Butter Beer

Harry Potter has made his appearance in our household for the last 11 years. Yes when Akanksha, my kid no 2 was born. I still remember my husband coming to me and handing me the first HP book Philosopher’s Stone and from page 1 I was hooked!! Thankfully Akanksha was of the age when she slept most of the time so I could read the book.
Then I started with the book 2 and so on.
To get my elder daughter reading, she was 7 then, I read out the books to her. I just cannot imagine how I read out two full books then ditched her half way in the third book. Since she was interested in the book she finished it!! Down she went hook line and sinker!!! Now she is the one who is our HP encyclopedia.
My younger daughter celebrates her birthday on 6th Dec. and I had expected to have party on the 8thDec a Saturday, but unfortunately that was not to be. So we are having her birthday on the 15th Dec.
Why am I mentioning this?
I plan to have a HP theme party for the kid and she does not know, yes a surprise. She has already got her acceptance letter from Hogwarts!
In preparation I made this butter beer! There are more that I plan to blog but right now it’s just this.
It’s to be my welcome drink!!
Do let send me your feedback.
Here is the recipe from Mugglenet here. It’s just the same I have substituted butterscotch with chocolate an d Irish coffee syrup


·       1 cup (8 oz) club soda 
·       1/2 cup less 2 tsp (4 oz) chocolate syrup   (ice cream topping)
·       2 tsp Irish coffee syrup
·       1/2 tablespoon butter


1.    Heat the chocolate and Irish coffee syrup with butter in the microwave 1 minute or until syrup is bubbly and butter has melted.
2.    Stir and cool for 30 seconds, then slowly mix in soda. Mixture will fizz quite a bit.
3.     Serve in two coffee mugs; a perfectly warm Hogwarts treat for two!
Sending this to Srivalli’s Kids Delight guest hosted by me.

All rights reserved on photographs and written content are copy-written @The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen!! unless mentioned. Please Ask First

Blue Curacao and Eggless Lemon Curd

After Mixing 

 I would like to thank each one of you for your loving messages when I said that my back was paining in my post of Methi Muthia.  Thanks a lot I am sorry I cannot thank each one of you individually (lazy here)!! I am fine now. Thanks a million!!
When we went to Mapro’s in Mahableshwar we had picked up a lot of squashes.
 The one that we enjoyed most was Citrus Blue. Once those bottles were over we were left pining for Citrus Blue. But it is not available here so when I saw Mala’s Blue Curacao I picked it up. But there are hardly any takers for it.
Before Mixing

Then I made the egg less lemon curd I have been thinking of different options… and coming up with some amazing combos.

 One of them which I am raving about is this drink combing the two.
The rest in my family think I have lost it for they think it’s sour and buttery (rolling my eyes here) and not much to rave about but I LOVE it!!
Well you know you know the saying about horse and the water… so I will leave it at that, act selfishly and drink up as long as I get a chance. It will not be long when they figure out how they want their drink!
Now this is my drink where I have added a tablespoonful of lemon curd to about ¼ cup of blue Curacao and water. The amount of lemon curd or the blue Curacao & water you can adjust to your liking. The water can be substituted by soda or Sprite.
So enjoy.

I loved it so much that i could not resit taking pictures of it so please suffer them all.(There are a few more but I got tired of uploading them 😀


Reposting Iced Tea

With the summer heat soaring we are consuming more and more of chilled beverages. Most often Kid no 2 asks me for Iced Tea. I serve the same Lime Tea only to suit her tastes it is called Iced tea.

I avoid the packaged iced tea as always. Why should I pay so much for something that can be made easily at home? Not only do I monitor what goes in the beverage it’s easy on the pocket.  

1 litre water
2 cups sugar
3 lemons
4-5 springs of Pudina/mint
½ tsp green tea


1.    In a vessel add the water, sugar, and green tea.
2.    Bring to a boil. Switch off the gas and add the pudina/mint leaves if using.
3.    Let the leaves steep in the water till it cools down.
4.    Strain and add the lime juice.
5.    Adjust the sugar.
6.    Chill. Serve in tall glasses iced.

Here I have made ice cubes using slices of strawberries and grapes in the water. Pretty are they not?

v You can substitute lemon grass leaves, sugar with honey.
v As kid needs a lot of sugar I use sugar syrup as it is easier to mix. You can also add honey.
v Green tea can be substituted with ordinary tea only reduce the leaves, say 1 pinch.

As my brother says”EEnjoy!”


Jal Jeera

Imagine this scene it’s Saturday, about 1.35pm and the Sun is very pleased that that finally he has caught you,  when you  have forgotten your cap and sun coat at home in the morning.

He turns his on his devilish smile and grins just at you!!

 To add to it you are sweating (you cannot escape that in Goa). All the way the down from Office to home, a mere 5 kilometers turns in a nightmare, for I am allergic to the sun’s rays.

After I came home I hunted for my mom’s cookbook (now in tatters) but it’s by Aroona Reejhsinghani, something that I treasure as Amma had hardly any books or notes and it’s what Amma made.  

The recipe being Drinks That Cool… Jal Jeera.

My intro to Jal Jeera was in Akola, a small town in Maharashtra where my father was posted. Malviya Uncle had hosted a dinner and the one of drinks served there was Jal Jeera.

 I do not remember the other things I ate or drank but this one drink…

Needless to say at my request Amma made it, but just from the memory of the drink. She did not refer to this book. As I found this book later that year when we were packing up to go to Nagpur my Dad’s next posting…

100 grams tamarind
¼ tsp shahjeera (the original said ½ tsp)
¼ tsp jeera (this is my addition)
½ tsp black salt, ground
8-10 springs pudina/mint
¼ tsp red chili powder
Salt to taste

1.    Soak the tamarind in 6 glasses of water. My glasses are say 250 gram   or 250 ml for ½ an hour.
2.    Extract the juice and stain.
3.    Fine grind the pudina with the other ingredients and mix with the tamarind water.
4.    Serve chilled on ice cubes.
The amount of jaggery and red chili powder will vary from person to person.It will also depend on how sour your tamarind is please adjust as per taste.

When you serve on ice cubes please remember that the cubes will contribute to water in the drink.

Sending this to

 Summer Spunk

Surabi Nayak @My Cook Book Mint and Coriander


Bridal Shower for Nithya : Custard Apple Shake

There are very few moments as cherished, as beautiful as the day you embark the new journey of life. Holding someone’s hand, with dreams in heart and sparkle in the eyes. The day she started dreaming for, even before she knew its’ meaning. The day she has visualized so many times, that by now every detail is clearly itched in her mind. Yes the day a girl becomes a bride, is like no other.

Very soon one of our friends, a great blogger and a gifted photographer, is going to live her dream. And since I’m sure you read the header before reading this, you all know who am I talking about…Yes Nithya of 4thsensecooking is getting married this November.
Thanks to the world of connectivity, distances have become a lesser shortcoming. Though nothing can reclaim the joy of celebration in person. Yet in absence of actually being with her during her most joyous we are all, united, to wish her all the best. So today we are throwing this virtual bridal shower for Nithya to express our happiness and celebrate with her.
And what could be a better way to celebrate than with food, the subject, the emotion that binds us all…So we decided to cook it up, literally and that too Nithya’s own dishes from her own blog – 4thsensecooking. Hope she likes the recreation of her own favouite dishes and gets a taste of it through the world wide wide.
Cheers…This is for you Nithya and for all those visiting this virtual bridal shower!!
  Like Nithya I am not too fussy about fruits I love them. 

One of my favourite fruits has been Custard apple see the health benefits of the fruit here.

One of my first memories of the fruit has been when I was a kid we had been to a small village called “Umred” I think in Vidharba of Maharashtra and  the first fruit I squeezed not knowing it was  ripe. My so sticky my hands  were but what custard apples we ate. Ripe and off the tree!! Mmmm!

So Custard apple shake was an obvious try.

Hubby dear also loves the fruit so in the market they were our first purchases.

3 Custard apples (weight ½ kg)
2 tsp sugar
½ cup milk
3-4 scoops Vanilla ice cream

1.     Wash and open the custard apple. Scoop out all the pulp in the mixer.
2.     Add ½ cup milk and pulse 2 to 3times. (Next time I will try the process in the anjali puran yantra).
3.     Now remove the pulp and strain through a big soup strainer. Rub the pulp with the back of a ladle and remove maximum pulp.
4.     Add the ice cream scoops in a tall vessel add the pulp and sugar and with the hand mixer beat the mixture till the mixture is nice and homogenous.  
5.     Serve in a tall glass. Since I chocolate is the only way I can get my younger kid try something new I have garnished it heavily with chocolate vermicelli.
To enjoy the drink imagine a hot sweaty day in the garden, a wash and this lovely cold shake!!
 Shake Baby Shake!!

Now I had some left over Shake Amazing isn’t it well my elder daughter was about to leave for her dance class and did not want anything as she finds it difficult to dance so I stored her share in the freezer! Both of us forgot then I served it like this Choco Lava Cake and Custard Apple Ice cream . Next time I will remember the milk I have used and add some softening agent like Nithya Marie biscuits

Nithya wish you a long and happy married life!! All the very best!!

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