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Spicy Corn and Cabbage Rava Idlis


My friend is a Tupperware distributor. Every month she regularly gives me the flyer she receives from them. My interest is not is on sale but what recipes are given there. J

I have copied quite a few of the recipes but this was for the first time tried one out.

Today I decided to try Rava Idlis. Well I do try them out regularly you may expect me to be an expert in making them but in actual fact we, the Rava idli and I do not agree.  The Rava Idlis do not agree that and I am the boss and I expect them to turn out in a particular fashion.

Either the idlis are soggy or they are flat pancakes. So when these came out so beautiful I was thrilled. 

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Wok fried Lotus Stem and Assorted Veggies in Honey Chilli Sauce


This year Santa visited me early, yes she does that he visits good ladies, early she arrived on December 2nd. Yes Vaishali visited Goa and she came bearing gifts, sorry loaded with gifts!!

She carried wadhwani chillies and one more kind, I forget the name I think it was bhavnagri chillies, fresh haldi/turmeric, mogri and many many more things.  One of the many things she had brought was Lotus Stem.  We made delicious dishes together (you will hear about them one by one later) and discussed delicious dishes.

I had never made lotus stem also called nadru and was so thankful that Vaishali showed me how to make it.  She made one amazing dish it disappeared like snow under the sun.


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Corn Upit

As a child I have stayed in rented places always. Pappa used be transferred after every 3 years and we used to shift bases. I love that life too. It was new friends, new beginnings and a new house.

One such house I remember when I was small we had a lot of garden place we had marigold (my rapt students who used see the end of my stick if they did not pay attention to teacher J ) and we had corn planted, there were groundnuts too but then some creature ate them up at night. Must have been rats.

Anyway we had had a bumper crop of corn and Amma had made Corn Upit. I do not remember how that tasted but I remember Amma and the maid sitting and grating corn.

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Steamed Corn


I am happy to make chaat since all of us love chaats FIL included.

When early in the morning I have to pack the kids tiffin she will be happy if I give her some chaat item. But then that is her breakfast and I want something reasonably healthy in her.

Now the kid will agree to one thing in the evening then want something diametrically different in the morning. The solution was to get her make a chart and day in and out we stuck to it. I was bored so can you imagine her state. J

So when I offered her Steamed Corn was she delighted?  Her smile was enough to light the whole state of Goa!! J Okay I am exaggerating! But you get the general idea.

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Litti Chokha for SNC


The top left Litti are Tandoor roasted. They were only 4 that I tried out!

For the NSC this month Nupur our host has set the South group the challenge of making Litti Chokha.

So with all the necessary ingredients ready I was set to make Litti Chokha. Then Akanksha, my younger one came to see what I was upto, for lunch was on the table but I was still in the kitchen. That is very strange for I am always trying to escape the kitchen especially on a Sunday.

The regular question bank that she is her questions began with the expected whats  are you doing, what is Litti Chokha? What is this? What are you doing with the potatoes etc?

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Y for Yam Steaks


Yam or Elephant’s Foot in English is called Suran in Marathi and Surangaddi in Kannada . Yam makes a delicious chips or in this case as my daughter’s who seem to think Indian food is not cool these were Yam Steaks.
If you seen the full yam it does remind you of an elephant’s foot . The first time my daughter saw it as a child her reaction was what stone is this? Looks as ugly. Small wonder that it’s not appreciated in my house.
Have you watched the old Hindi film “Bawarchi”? Rajesh Khanna is the cook and on his first day of his job he makes what the family members think of as mutton well actually its yam. My mom made it just like that so also my co-sister but I cannot manage it. So in my house it ends up in sambhar, veggie which no one eats or cutlets which everyone adores.
But this time I made them in these kappas sorry steaks.

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S for S.P. or Sev Puri

sev puri

Whenever we go to Pune, which is often, that evening we have chat!

The menu generally is S.P.D.P or Pani Puri or both!

Pani puri is Gol Guppe. The puris are purchased and the chutney and filling are made at home. We are 8-10 adults and 5 kids but this is a get-together we are having and you can guess it’s very very noisy.

Wondering what  S.P. & S.P.D.P is? Sev Puri & Sev Puri Dahi Puri. These we generally have Sev puri dhai puri at the chatwalla place. But pani puris are made at home.

Since we purchase puris we buy Pani Puri puris, saves us the hassle of keeping flat ones separate so I have made mine in the Pani Puri puri not the flat ones. Guess we are too used to it…

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