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Oats n Tilwale Aloo


When I was blogging with alphabets I had pored and pored over all the scraps of papers that I have collected in the last 25 years of my married life.

This is the time I discovered that some of the books that I have are unopened and unread.  I know it’s a criminal waste but then I had made up my mind that I will be using them all.

The idea was catch hold of one book and make all the makeable (is that a word?) recipes.

So what better than Cooking from Cookbook Challenge

So I started with Cooking and more of Tarla Dalal.  From this edition I have made Subzi and  daal already but today’s target was Tilwale Aloo.

Wondering how my til got so big? For the person who does not know what til is its Sesame seeds.

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Soup with Varya Che Tandul or Samo rice


With my FIL having problems with Diabetics we are more careful of his diet. More specifically he is much more acceptable to the changes we are making in his diet. He is no longer allowed the biscuits that he loves or the farsan and sev that he adores. There are more fruits  and vegetables in his diet. More low glycimic index food. Low GI foods means that carbs are released slowly in the blood stream.

You can read more about Diabetics here.

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Litti Chokha for SNC


The top left Litti are Tandoor roasted. They were only 4 that I tried out!

For the NSC this month Nupur our host has set the South group the challenge of making Litti Chokha.

So with all the necessary ingredients ready I was set to make Litti Chokha. Then Akanksha, my younger one came to see what I was upto, for lunch was on the table but I was still in the kitchen. That is very strange for I am always trying to escape the kitchen especially on a Sunday.

The regular question bank that she is her questions began with the expected whats  are you doing, what is Litti Chokha? What is this? What are you doing with the potatoes etc?

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Q for Quaker Oats Sheek Kababs

sheek 2Like I have said never have I pored over the bookmarked recipes as much as I have done for this series of Blogging Marathon of Blogging with Alphabets!!

I now understand why hubby felt that I was making a mess with all my chits and scraps and bookmarks and printouts. I was just overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have collected.

So did I throw it all out?  Definitely not…

So today it’s the turn of the alphabet Q.. What can you make from Q?

I went through the list Quiche no with my FIL and Father at home it’s out of question I have already done the Eggless Quiche. The girls were not interested Quesadilla right now, quick bread and Quaker Oats Sheek Kababs were my only option.

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C for Chana-Cho Ros Goan Style Peas Bhaji

Chana cho

Blogging Marathon  for this month is running again for the full month but this time we are blogging with alphabets.

So get ready for today’s alphabet… C

What do you see? Breakfast…

Breakfast is an important meal and breakfast should  have all the four components of food i.e protein, carbohydrate, fat and  minerals.

Most traditional reflect this combo in some form or other. Take Dosa chutney, paratha and curds they are complete meal by themselves.

In Goa there are a lot of Portuguese influences so pav or bread forms an integral part of diet.   So every morning you will hear the Pav Walla called the “Poder”, trading his wares loaded in a basket and on a cycle.

The lady of the house will make suki bhaji, alsande tonak, chana cho ras, salad bhaji or tomat bhaji. This is eaten with the pav or unna else buns. These buns are not your usual buns from the bakery but they are deep fried and like puris only softer, spongier and sweet (will post the recipe soon)!

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Paneer Kofta

malai koftaI know I am contradicting what I said yesterday no frying but then I love koftas and I was dying to make these koftas. What better chance than now, when I want to do Punjabi cuisine for BM.

This once no one complained that I was frying and that too frying paneer. Because basically they did not know what went in the making of this koftas. I fried and hid the koftas well from the inquisitive hands that always finds stuff she is not supposed to find. J By the time the fried paneer cat came out of the bag the kofta were all over. J  of course hubby was worried I will start coughing etc ( he tried to keep the fact hidden but then when he keeps on checking on you every time you cough or sneeze then you know) so I felt sorry for what I did.

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Pineapple Salad

pineapple salad

One of my non-blogger friends, Vidya Chitre, sorry Dr. Vidya Chitre had served us this lovely salad that goes well with a spicy pulao.

She had made Prawns Khichidi her mom’s signature dish and what a yummy complement this salad is.

I was so mesmerised by the tastes and memories that the khichidi  evoked that I had to be reminded to take pictures of the salad, which Vidya was willing to share as an entry for the Healthy Salad’s that  I am guest hosting the  event  is Priya’s idea. this is my plate sorry Like I said I did not think of clicking pictures till I finished. This was something I had to stuff in my tummy and forgo dessert!

Thanks Vidya for a lovely salad and a yummy evening with great food!!

Ther are no proportions for this salad go by your tastes and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Pineapple Salad

Recipe Source: Dr. Vidya Chitre

  • Tinned pineapple
  • Thick curds
  • Roasted jeera/cumin powder
  • Fresh black pepper powder
  • Salt to taste


  • Drain all the liquid from the pineapple tin. Then chop them up to bite sized pieces I case they are rings.
  • Mix with curd, jeera powder, black pepper powder, salt and serve.
  • Tastes great chilled.

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