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BienenstichKuchen/ German Bee Sting Cake.

IMG_5057Since baking for We Knead to Bake I have come across different breads. Most of them something I never knew existed. It’s been an amazing experience.

For We Knead to Bake this festive season we are baking BienenstichKuchen/ German Bee Sting Cake.    

Bienenstich is not really a bread but a traditional German sweet yeasted cake baked with topping of crunchy almond toffee-like layer and filled with a vanilla pastry cream. Bienenstich is traditionally eaten as dessert and also served with tea or coffee.

Its name Bienenstich in German means “bee sting” and probably got its name from the honey flavoured topping that it typical of this yeasted cake.

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Eggless Tiramisu With Home Made Mascarpone Cream and Eggless Savoiardi Biscuits

tiramisu 3

Egg-less baking is Gayatri’s baby and this time she asked us to make Tiramisu. The recipe was suggested by  Sowmya of Nivedhanam.

The girls were pretty excited that I was to make Tiramisu it was what they had wanted at Mangi’s and had not had because they were stuffed. Yes that happened occasionally!! They actually said they were not hungry enough to eat it.

But there was disaster that was waiting to strike.

 Read on and you will know dear reader what I mean. For the final product was finished by hubby, me and my colleagues. Who appreciated it a lot.

I must say that I picked the whole recipe from Deepali Jain who blogs at “Confusion Cook”! I have for once tried not to make any changes. Yes tried for…

tiramisu 1

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Tousule for Magic Mingle #13

Tousule a Steamed Cucumber and Rava Cake!

Tousule a Steamed Cucumber and Rava Cake!

Tousule is a Goan delicacy made in the rainy season.

Why rains?  Well cucumbers the main ingredient of Tousule is grown in plenty in the hilly areas and is sold not only on the roads but also in the markets. Its common sight for the farmers themselves selling the freshly plucked cucumbers. Also one more ingredient the turmeric leaf that is used to give a delicious aroma to the Tousule.

Traditionally the Tousule is made out of rice suji or rava or wheat rava fine or thick kind, cashew nuts, coconut and jaggary are used to create this beautiful steamed delicacy called Tousule.

When Kalyani announced the Magic Mingle of cucumber and walnuts I was sure I will never make it. Then I saw Gayatri post of Cucumber bread and something went click in my head and I thought Tousule. Thanks Gayatri!

Well if you are a regular visitor here you will know sweets, let me clarify some sweets, are unmentionables in my place this happens to be one of them. I made minimum quantity of 1 katori. But please let me not put you guys off the Tousule it is amazing. Do try it out.

Tousule a Steamed Cucumber and Rava Cake!

Tousule a Steamed Cucumber and Rava Cake!


·        1  measure  of grated cucumber, peeled and seeds removed

·         ½  measure of dalia

·        1 measure of rava

·        I tbspn ghee+ some more to grease

·        1 measure of coconut

·        150 grms of jaggary

·        Cardamom powder

·        Cashew nuts and walnuts

·        A pinch of salt

·        Fresh turmeric leaf( I did not have so did not use)

Additional Equipment:

·        Kadhai/wok

·        Pressure cooker vent removed

·        A big bowl for steaming

·        Banana leaf (optional)


·        Squeeze the grated cucumber and collect the juice in a container.

·        In the cucumber juice, add the jaggery and let it soak.

·        Heat the wok and on low flame add the a little ghee. Fry the walnut pieces, slightly remove add the cashew nuts and fry till golden. Set aside.

·        Add the dalia and stir fry on low flame till the dalia browns slightly. Now add the rava and continue frying till you get a lovely aroma of fried suji/rava. Remove from the flame and let it cool.

·        Now check the jaggary, has it become a mushy paste? If not crush the the jaggery with your fingers. It will be easier now.

·        Add the coconut, cardamom powder, salt the cashew nuts and walnuts ( reserve a few to garnish)to the jaggary and set aside.

·        Once the rava has cooled add the rava to the jaggary mixture and  let it sit for at least ½ an hour.

·        After the end of the ½ hour mix the cucumber in the mixture.

·        Wipe and grease a banana leaf. Line a bowl with it.

·        Put enough water in the pressure cooker place the grid in it and set to boil.

·        If you are using turmeric leaves make small knotted balls out of them.

·        Now in the greased and lined bowl add the prepared mixture. Insert the turmeric balls at intervals.

·        Place in the bowl in the boiling water cover with another piece of the banana leaf. Cover the pressure cooker, steam for 12 minutes.

·        After the 12 minutes; let the bowl cool. And the gently remove the tousale.

·        Let it cool before you cut and serve it.

Tousule a Steamed Cucumber and Rava Cake!

Tousule a Steamed Cucumber and Rava Cake!


I have used dalia and rava as I had run out of dalia.

Turmeric leaf gives a lovely aroma in case you cannit lay you hands on it try the basmati rice leaf. I am told its awesome.

Please wait till the Tousule cools completely before you cut it else the end result is what I have here a messy mass in which you have to hunt for lovely cubes. I was in a hurry as the light was fading.

Hi! First time here? Well then you are Most Welcome! I hope you keep coming back for more here. If you are my regular visitor then Thanks, for you encourage me to experiment more!! I would like you to please click on my link below and like my Face Book page. I will be happy if you can follow me on Twitter too!


Gulab Jamun for SNC #2

When Divya Pramil of you too can cook Indian food came up with this idea of having to teams North and South both challenging the other team I was thrilled. I signed up.

Then for various health reasons I could not sit at the computer and I had given up on this challenge. In fact I have not participated in any of the groups for which I am a member.

Then the other day I saw this beautiful Gulab Jamun post that the North posed for us here in the South. It was my hubby’s birthday the next day so I decided that this is what I will fed him!!
My idea was how difficult can it be?
But pride goes before a fall and I fell mightily learnt a lesson in humility!!J
My pinch of baking powder put me in a spot where the balls of dough disintegrated in hot oil. It is called as “hasne” or smiling in Marathi.

I send an SOS to Pallavi. Thanks to her immediate reply I tried mixing rava and maida in the dough. Lost count of the number of spoons that went in but still the dough was smiling away! I was frustrated, my younger kid was my support and from 8.30pm to 10pm we were mixing, frying then straining the hot oil. Finally we called it quits as the rava was all gone. Thanks Akanskha you are the “bestest”!
I brought new ingredients the next day and started anew. But still I had the same problem.
Then two things happened, one on PJ’s place I saw this note that I should be adding milk powder, second two of Hubby aunts talked to me both are excellent cooks( and have a faint idea that I am always upto something like this), I happened to mention it to them. The idea they gave me will be the makeover the older dough gets (will make it and post it) and one of them said that she used 1 pinch for one packet of milk powder.
How much wrong can a person go? So I promptly emptied the packet or milk powder in the dough, 3 tbspn of rava and 2 of maida. Added some 2 tblsp cream and ghee then just not to test fates poked my finger in the baking powder container and kneaded the dough. All the while praying and threatening the dough to behave its self.
And success!!!!!!!!
I made the gulab jamuns or rather they behaved! They held the shape; the syrup has entered the jamuns.
I would have been happier if they soaked some more and bloated up but that was not my part of praying or threatening was it? Here is the original jamun recipe.
Since I have managed to skew up the proportions totally please check out the recipe as given by Pallavi in her own words without her pictorial. Do visit her for the beautiful step by step pictures that she has posted.

SNC#2- North Team challenge- Gulab Jamun
You shall need:
· 1 cup… Milk Powder
· 3+1 tbsp… Ghee/Clarified butter
· 1.5 tbsp… Rava/semolina
· 2+1 tbsp… Maida
· A pinch of baking powder
· 3 tbsp… Cream [I used Amul cream]
· Oil/ghee to fry
· 1 cup… Sugar
· 1 cup…Water
· Few drops of rose water [Optional]
· 1 tbsp… Dried Coconut flakes
· 1 tbsp… Pistachio chopped finely
· A pinch of Cardamom powder

Sift the milk powder, maida, semolina and baking powder.To this, add the ghee and mix well. Now add the cream, first add only 2 tbsp, and make soft dough out of it. Add another tbsp if you feel it is dry.
Bring the dough together and with a palm greased with ghee make a ball and place in a bowl. Cover with a kitchen towel and let it sit for 20-30 min.
Meanwhile, in a pan, make the sugar syrup. Bring the sugar and water to the boil. Make sure the sugar dissolves completely. Add the gulab jal/rose water. Keep it aside till further use.
Make small balls out of the dough. In a wok pour sufficient oil that can immerse the dough balls completely. Heat the oil on full flame. Once it smokes, reduce the flame to medium. After the smoke disappears, add one dough ball first. If it turns black instantly, you must reduce the flame to low-medium. We are looking for an inviting brown color on the dough balls.
You may fry 2-3 at a time depending on the size of the wok. But be sure to constantly rolling the balls in the oil so that they get an even color.
Remove with a slotted spoon and keep on a kitchen paper. Now they are ready to meet the syrup that makes it a marriage made in heaven.
Lower them in the syrup and keep them immersed until further use.
In a small bowl, mix the dried coconut flakes, pistachio and cardamom powder.
To serve, put a few pieces of the gulab jamun, some syrup and the coconut-pistachio mix on top. Serve with love.

Be very careful while frying.
You may also add cashews and almond slivers as a garnish.
I served it just plain without the garnish as I am not sure it will have takers in my family. This goes to Office with me tomorrow where I am sure it will be appreciated a lot.
Thanks Pallavi for your encouragement and support.

Thanks Divya.

Since I am Southerner here is my emblem.

Pssst: Just saw my better half eating two straight from the container! Yaaaaaaah! I made it!

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