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Spicy Corn and Cabbage Rava Idlis


My friend is a Tupperware distributor. Every month she regularly gives me the flyer she receives from them. My interest is not is on sale but what recipes are given there. J

I have copied quite a few of the recipes but this was for the first time tried one out.

Today I decided to try Rava Idlis. Well I do try them out regularly you may expect me to be an expert in making them but in actual fact we, the Rava idli and I do not agree.  The Rava Idlis do not agree that and I am the boss and I expect them to turn out in a particular fashion.

Either the idlis are soggy or they are flat pancakes. So when these came out so beautiful I was thrilled. 

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Sweet Corn Soup


Hubby loves corn, boil it, roast it any fashion he loves it. As a snack or as a meal, a side dish or main one he is game. So one of the first soups I learnt to make after marriage was Sweet Corn Soup.

There was a time when soup meant Sweet corn Soup. Now the alliance has shifted to Manchow Soup, Lung Fung etc. so there I have new soups that I have to learn.

The other day I had 3 sick people on my hands, cold, fever and running noses. If that was not enough there were complaints that the throat is itching.  So I decided to make soup.

What soup?

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Pressure Cooked Boiled Vegetables~Sinfully Rich


For the blogging marathon # 35 when Valli announced pressure cooking my first choice had been a pulao.

I make pulaos, but never in the cooker somehow, I am never satisfied unless I keep peeping in the pan masking sure that the water is enough the rice is not sticky…. In general interfering with its peaceful cooking process!!

I made a pulao, in the pressure cooker, it was beautifully done, each grain was separate but it was exact copy of this pulao here so I did not want to post it.

So I was wondering what to make. Something easy and fast and good to eat!

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One of the oldest Indo-Chinese restaurants in Panaji, called Goinchin serves a salad with their food as an accompaniment. And it was awesome so delicious that we asked for a second helping of it.

That is when I asked the Captain what it is called and how it is made. I was told it is called Kimchee and its just cabbage that they have used with vinegar and red chilli powder.

Today I made it.

There are no proportions that I have used just a cup of cabbage chopped, red chilli powder and salt, vinegar.

Mix them up and let it stay mixed. I mixed it in the morning with the rest of my cooking it tasted awesome in the night.

Just out of curiosity I googled Kimchee and I find that it’s a Korean dish. Please do check it out here.

Sorry there are no pictures as my camera is feeling sick and has been admitted to ICU. (Read for in house repairs).Will be getting it back hopefully in 8 days.

This has been typed out urgently to be in time for Pradnya’s CFK Cabbage which she is guest hosting for Kalyani.

Also to Kirthi’s Serve it -Raw


Tossed Salad with Sweet Lime

Stuck with some chopped cabbage that I needed to finish off and with something new that daughter demanded I came up with this simple but very tasty salad.

I have never before used sweet lime in my salad but after this once I will never stop using it in my salads.

There is no such thing as ingredients or any proportion. Just toss in any fresh veggie and mix well.

Here I have used
2 cups cabbage chopped
1 red capsicum
1 yellow capsicum
5-6 cherry tomatoes
Some lettuce leaves, torn in bite sized pieces
 6 sweet lime segments peeled and de seeded
1 tsp onion seeds or kalonji
For the salad dressing
1 clove garlic crushed
1 tsp olive oil
½ tsp pepper powder
¼ tsp Lime juice
1.      In a bowl crush the garlic and mix all the ingredients for the dressing. Refrigerate it for at least ½ an hour.
2.     Mix all the ingredients for salad in a big bowl or box with a lid and keep Refrigerate.
3.     Just before serving add the dressing. Close the lid of the box and give it to the kid to shake. (Keeps her occupied and eats the salad as she has made it). 😉
This is my entry for the BM9 Day#4 Group 2.
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Cabbage Fitters

Ever since I have seen cabbage fitters here I have been making them. 
So what is different today? Well today I have not added soda at all.  
This is an old tip that my hubby’s grandmother, Mai, passed on to me, I added cooked daal instead of soda. The fitters or bhaaji came out crisper and did not absorb oil.
1 cup cabbage
Salt to taste
1 tsp Chilli powder (adjust as per taste)
 ½ tsp haldi powder
½ tsp Coriander powder
½ tsp jeera powder
Besan or chick pea flour
A lemon sized ball of daal
Oil for frying

1.       Mix the cabbage, salt, chilli powder, turmeric powder, and coriander and jeera powder and let it rest for about ½ an hour. (I let it rest for about 3 hours).
2.       When you want to fry them add the daal, besan a tblspn of hot oil. Mix well.
3.       Adjust the seasoning and then drop the batter in small balls from a tsp in the hot oil carefully.
4.       Fry on low flame both sides till done, drain on absorbent paper.
5.        Serve hot with tomato sauce or as my daughters had with mustard.

Grilled Sandwich

My younger daughter, Akanksha, carries breakfast to school. So everyday is a big problem if I give her something like jam toast she does not like it. Cheese toast is also a no-no but she loves grilled sandwiches.
At home she is willing to eat it as open toast but in school she carries it as grilled sandwich.
To make the filling
½ cup rava
½ green capsicum
½ red capsicum
1 cup cabbage, grated
¼ cup Cauliflower, grated
1 carrot
1 cube of cheese, grated
1/2  cup cream
 I tblspn tomato sauce
Sliced bread


1.       Mix all the ingredients except the bread slices.
2.       Stand the mixture for at least ½ an hour.
3.       Spread on the bread slice if you are making a sandwich put another slice and grill for a open sandwich put on a lightly greased tava and fry only one side.
4.       Serve hot with tomato ketchup or green chutney.
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