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Oats n Tilwale Aloo


When I was blogging with alphabets I had pored and pored over all the scraps of papers that I have collected in the last 25 years of my married life.

This is the time I discovered that some of the books that I have are unopened and unread.  I know it’s a criminal waste but then I had made up my mind that I will be using them all.

The idea was catch hold of one book and make all the makeable (is that a word?) recipes.

So what better than Cooking from Cookbook Challenge

So I started with Cooking and more of Tarla Dalal.  From this edition I have made Subzi and  daal already but today’s target was Tilwale Aloo.

Wondering how my til got so big? For the person who does not know what til is its Sesame seeds.

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Mixed Vegetable Curry


Cooking in pressure cooker is simple. Simple if you know when to switch off the cooker. Else you will end with a mishmash that no one will want to look at let alone eat.

Like I have said yesterday my Futura is crying out for work all the time and I ignore it all the time. But when Valli announced cooking in pressure cooker I decided it will be cooking in Futura.

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Litti Chokha for SNC


The top left Litti are Tandoor roasted. They were only 4 that I tried out!

For the NSC this month Nupur our host has set the South group the challenge of making Litti Chokha.

So with all the necessary ingredients ready I was set to make Litti Chokha. Then Akanksha, my younger one came to see what I was upto, for lunch was on the table but I was still in the kitchen. That is very strange for I am always trying to escape the kitchen especially on a Sunday.

The regular question bank that she is her questions began with the expected whats  are you doing, what is Litti Chokha? What is this? What are you doing with the potatoes etc?

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L for Lasagne

lasagneIf you have read Garfield you know about Garfield’s love for Lasagna!  So my first intro this dish was a cartoon strip. Then my belief was always that it’s a dish made with meats and the recipes on the Lasagna pasta box confirmed my belief. So making of a Lasagna was like okay… let’s see!

There are times I cannot give up my age old beliefs and this happened to be one of them. Then I read about a vegetarian lasagne in a forum. On my request the member shared the recipe too! I was pleased and made the recipe to the “T”!

My daughters were so thrilled Initially, but like a river where the water flows serenely but once there is a lot of input it overruns the banks,   once the food in the tummy reached the full levels complaints started was told that I used all wrong vegetables, my sauce was not as good and so on and so forth ….. Till I never made lasagna again!

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C for Chana-Cho Ros Goan Style Peas Bhaji

Chana cho

Blogging Marathon  for this month is running again for the full month but this time we are blogging with alphabets.

So get ready for today’s alphabet… C

What do you see? Breakfast…

Breakfast is an important meal and breakfast should  have all the four components of food i.e protein, carbohydrate, fat and  minerals.

Most traditional reflect this combo in some form or other. Take Dosa chutney, paratha and curds they are complete meal by themselves.

In Goa there are a lot of Portuguese influences so pav or bread forms an integral part of diet.   So every morning you will hear the Pav Walla called the “Poder”, trading his wares loaded in a basket and on a cycle.

The lady of the house will make suki bhaji, alsande tonak, chana cho ras, salad bhaji or tomat bhaji. This is eaten with the pav or unna else buns. These buns are not your usual buns from the bakery but they are deep fried and like puris only softer, spongier and sweet (will post the recipe soon)!

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Dhokar Dalna for North South Challenge


Every month I am looking at all the different challenges that I am supposed to attempt.

One such interesting one is the North South Challenge. It’s a group organised by Divya of You Can Cook Indian Food where we are divided in two groups. The north team and the South team and every month the one person challenges the opposite team to try out one delicacy from their region.

Like Nabanita Das of Esho-Bosho-Aahare of the North team has this month challenged the Southern Team to make Dhokar Dalna.

I do not know about you I was sure there is dhoka in what I am reading.

It’s totally new to me and my first question was will anyone at home eat it? Should I make it?

So in this indecision I kept postponing making the curry. We are not great fans of mustard oil and to me Bengali food is synonymous with mustard oil.

But I could not shake the idea out of my head I kept reading about the dish trying to cook it mentally.

Crazy am I not?

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Kapi Cho Potatoes

 kapicho 2

My dad has always encouraged me to cook right from the time I was a kid to now. He himself is a very good cook and loves presenting me with new books. So time ago he had presented me with Cooking and More by Tarla Dalal.

In one of them I found this delicious dish that has become quite a regular in our home. So will you not make it for a party? It’s easy to put together and a Crowd pleaser. Can be served both as an appetiser and as a side dish!

Do try it out and let me know what you think of this.

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