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Khatkhate~An Exotic Goan Vegetable Stew

One of the famous dishes in Goa, vegetarian dishes in Goa is Khatkhate.


It’s fusion of vegetables that are cooked and served in the typical masala in Goa.  Khatkhate is a typical Saraswat Bharamin Community preparation served at pujas, weddings etc.

The preparation involves using veggies like radish, turnip, pumpkin, sweet potato, potatoes, corn; drumsticks in coconut gravy (use what you can lay your hands on).  Soy as coconut is called and mind you Goans when they say “Soy” they mean freshly grated coconut. The ingredient that you need to get used to is triphal or tephal or Sichuan pepper which has a unique taste and lends an aroma and taste that you need to get used too.

You either love Khatkhate or hate it.

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Soup with Varya Che Tandul or Samo rice


With my FIL having problems with Diabetics we are more careful of his diet. More specifically he is much more acceptable to the changes we are making in his diet. He is no longer allowed the biscuits that he loves or the farsan and sev that he adores. There are more fruits  and vegetables in his diet. More low glycimic index food. Low GI foods means that carbs are released slowly in the blood stream.

You can read more about Diabetics here.

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Jowar Rava Idli~Diabetic Friendly


My father-in-law is diabetic so we have been careful of his diet, but these days we have to be a bit more careful so cooking at home have undergone a sea change. The occasional batata chalega, cake okay has come down. The extra sugar does show up on his next blood sugar readings.

What is diabetics? What is reason for the increase in blood sugar? What are the side-effects? These questions I have tried answering here do check it out.

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Chawal ki Kheer


I have been suffering from writer’s block, cooker’s block…. this will sound better if I say Chef’s block, so I am suffering from a Chef’s Block and of course plain old laziness. So there is nothing big churning out in the kitchen.

So how to get the juices flowing?

Take part in a Blogging Marathon! So I immediately signed up for this series of Blogging Marathon #35.

So this week there is pressure cooker cooking at the my place.

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Diabetics Awareness Campaign-Jowar Rava Upit/Upma

jowar rava upit 1

One word that had caught up with me is Diabetics.

Some 25 years ago it was something that my father-in law’s brother suffered from. He had a very controlled diet. Beyond that it did not exist in my dictionary.

Then in one health check-up my Father in law was diagnosed as diabetic! Now came in my world the word regulation… diet regulation. Being extremely on the thin side and wishing to put on weight this was a word unknown to me. But there were/are diet restrictions!

Yes this is post is a part of the Diabetic Awareness Day where a group of us are  getting together to spread awareness about Diabetics!

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Aliva che Kheer


This recipe is dedicated to Sandhya, Vaishali’s daughter who has recently delivered a beautiful baby gir!!

Its amazing how life changes with every turn you take. Before February’13 I did not know Vaishali personally,only as a beautiful blogger and crafts person. Her post and crafts are visual delight.

After our BM #25 meet we have all gelled like a family. Vaishali is an awesome person.

So its apt that I send Sandhya a small virtual sample of what I am guzzling down under the guise of trying out a recipe for her!! Honest that is my official line!! LOL!!

So here is for Sandhya a virtual kheer for her to have before her cuppa.

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V for Varya chi Khichidi

varrya 2

For Ashadi Ekadashi, (For those who do not know on Ekdashi there is a fast observed.  Ekadashi comes every month so this is maintained every month. Ashadi Ekadashi comes in the Hindu month of Ashad and is considered very auspicious and a lot of people fast. Interested check here.) my father was home.

He had had his surgery and my father in law was in the hospital.  I was to cook something both could eat, something light.

Though at my in-laws place we are not religious in fact we do not have any rituals or compulsions for any festival or days or any day for that matter my father follows all of them. He wanted to do his fast… I know but doing Grrrrrr! was not helping me, he would have not eaten at all.

So I told him I will make Navnaki, that’s what it is called in Kannada & in Marathi it is Varya chi Khichidi for his lunch. Its also called Bhagar in Marathi. 

Before he could raise any objections about the use of moong dal I reminded him that Amma made moong dal payas so moong dal is acceptable. That put paid to any argument and we had this delicious khichidi! 

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